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Hire Conditions

Van and Car Hire in Leominster

The team here at Jim Melia Rentals are happy to help with any enquiry that you may have when you need assistance with van and car hire in Leominster and throughout the wider Herefordshire area. If you have any questions, just call us on the number at the top of the page, or send us an email using the form on our Contact Us page. Please see below for our terms and conditions.

Short and Long Term Car Hire


  • We provide free of charge on site parking (at the owner’s risk)
  • When booking a hire vehicle, it can be arranged free of charge for an additional driver to be included, however they must be able to attend on collection.
  • All hirers must be in possession of their full driving licence, for new style licences we must see both the parts (this is the photo card and paper licence that accompanies). Old licences are accepted with proof of identification such as a passport. We also ask for proof of address in the form of a recent utility bill, bank statement etc.
  • All payments must be made at commencement of hire with credit card, debit card or cash. Unfortunately we can no longer accept cheques.
  • All hirers must be 21 and over, having had a full UK driving licence for at least 2 years.
  • When hiring, you are liable for an insurance excess, there are two options:
  • The first is a fixed excess of £500.
  • The second is a fixed excess of £200 upon which a collision damage weaver of £9 per day is required.

(Please see our more detailed Terms and Conditions for details of liability).

There are some drivers that we are unable to insure. Please contact us to discuss these as with further permission from our insurance company arrangements may be facilitated.

Schedule of drivers not insured:

1.    Provisional licence holders
2.    Drivers who have held a licence for less than 2 years for the class of vehicle being hired.
3.    Drivers aged 20 and under
4.    Professional sportspersons
5.    Members of the entertainment profession
6.    Models
7.    Itinerant workers
8.    Accidents- drivers involved in more than three accidents in the last three years.
9.    Thefts- drivers with more than two theft claims in the last three years.
10.    Motor convictions- drivers with the following convictions on their licence: UT50, CD40, CD50, CD60, CD70, CD71, DD40, DD60, DD80, DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR61, DR70, DR80, DR90.
11.    Disqualifications- Drivers who have been disqualified for a period exceeding 6 months in the last three years and drivers who have been disqualified for a period exceeding 3 months during the past year.
12.    Also any person not disclosed on the self-drive hire proposal form and/ or additional drivers form.